Lauren Sendelbach

Market Launch Coordinator

Lauren came to Tillable early in July 2019. As the market launch coordinator, Lauren is involved in strategy, sales and marketing of the company’s new initiatives. As such, she typically is analyzing data, working with the sales and marketing teams, problem-solving with team members and pursuing project execution. “I’m helping the team enter into new areas of the market and supporting the team in new initiatives,” she says.

Lauren earned double bachelor’s degrees in agricultural business and economics from Iowa State University. Prior to joining Tillable, she was the North American project manager for Kramp, a Netherlands-based supplier of spare parts for agricultural machinery.

The opportunity to work in a startup in the ag industry was one of the big draws that attracted Lauren to Tillable, but also the chance to participate in a different part of the agriculture industry. “I really have a passion for strategy and bringing a new business to life in a different market,” Lauren says.

Lauren grew up in the small central Illinois community of Henry, where her grandfather owned a farm.  “Henry was the perfect town. We had wooden lockers without locks and ‘drive your tractor to school’ day. Agriculture was and is still very much in my blood.”

Lauren says her favorite part of working at Tillable is being able to use her agricultural economics background and training and apply it directly to her job. “If I were to go back to talk to the students at Iowa State, I would have confidence in saying that ‘you are 100% going to use your degree.’ I love that part of my job.”

I feel wholeheartedly that agriculture is a very special industry. I believe that farmers have one of the best, yet hardest, jobs out there: feeding the world. Everything we can do to support them, we should.

One surprising thing in Lauren’s Tillable experience has been the speed. “It’s been really surprising how fast everything moves here. I can ask a question of a colleague, and they’ll have the answer right away—or they’ll get me an answer right away. We’re all here to work together for one common goal, and if we can help each other out, as quickly or as effectively as we can, then we do it, which is awesome. You don’t always get that in a company.”