Mason Troendle headshot

Mason Troendle

Farmland Specialist

Mason Troendle grew up on a cattle and row crop farm in northeast Iowa, graduated from Cedar Falls High School, and while attending Iowa State University for Agricultural Business he interned with ag companies across the state of Iowa. At Tillable, he provides support to the sales team, performs due diligence on Hassle-Free Lease farms, and provides expert insights and perspectives for Tillable blog posts, articles and other content. Mason is also Tillable’s managing broker for the state of Iowa.

Mason joined Tillable in January 2019 after spending four years with a farm management firm in Northwest Iowa, where he also was the company auctioneer. In that position, his farm management portfolio of custom and modified shared farms gave him real-world, hands-on experience making all of the input selections (seed, fertilizer, etc.) and marketing and selling the grain for those clients.

“We did the whole package,” Mason says. “My dad always refers to that as being ‘the closest you can get to farming without sitting in the tractor.’”

Why did Mason come to Tillable? “Working for a startup is always exciting, but the opportunity I saw here was to be able to show people a better way for them to manage their assets and manage their farms. I really enjoy sitting down with landowners who just need some direction and building a relationship with them.”

I enjoy learning about how long the farm has been in the family, who they want to leave it to, how involved the kids are with it—or sometimes just why they bought it in the first place—and finding out what their goals are for the assets they have purchased or inherited.

Mason says the novel approach to farmland rental that Tillable has introduced is being well received.  “It’s been a lot of fun to be able to bring this new product to ears that might never have heard of it before, and to see the look on people’s faces when they’re like, ‘Oh, you know, yeah… That’s not a bad idea!’ And, when you’re pitching something new that nobody’s heard of, you can’t be compared to anybody, that’s for sure.”

He’s also enthused about the Tillable organization. “Every single person that works for Tillable—whether it’s in the engineering department, marketing, whatever it might be—everyone is excited about learning about agriculture,” he says. “I’ve been able to put together presentations and show people what I know and answer their questions. It’s just been a lot of fun, and I’ve really enjoyed it. That’s something that kind of made me know I made the right decision. Everyone here is just passionate about it. They’re in a new industry and they’re excited about it. It’s not just a job for them—it’s a new adventure.”