Matthew Schweigert

Regional Sales Manager, Northern IL & Southern WI

Matt joined the Tillable team in July 2019 and is responsible for sales in Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Along with his brother, he farms the Schweigert Family Farms—established in 1904—in the southwest corner of Wisconsin. “What’s so interesting about growing crops in this area is that we have Iowa soils and an Illinois climate,” he says.

Matt earned his bachelor’s degree in supply chain management from Arizona State University, then spent several years as a financial advisor. “I was working with a lot of folks who were nearing retirement; they were transitioning. And every one of them said they wished they had gotten into the business they eventually got into 10 years before they did.” Still in his mid-20s, Matt realized that was the time for him to make the jump, so he came home to the family farm.

In recent years, the Schweigert farm was one of the on-site trials for 640 Labs, Corbett Kull’s prior ag startup. So when he and Corbett started talking about Tillable, he already had a good feel for Corbett’s dedication to helping farmers.

“The number one reason I joined Tillable is the mission statement and what they’re doing here for folks that own ground, and also for farmers. This was a market that was just plagued with highly variable fenceline-to-fenceline rental differences from folks that were just in the dark. It was hurting landowners and it was hurting farmers. People just didn’t know the right rental rate for their farm, so there was a lot of ‘taking advantage of’ on both sides.” He says the market transparency that Tillable brings “ultimately is going to bring some truth to what’s going on out here.”

If you own 100 acres, you’ve got a million-dollar asset. And yet, most people are making their decisions about that in one weekend.

Matt says his biggest surprise in coming to Tillable was how passionate the rest of the staff is about the mission. “Everybody has a true passion for it,” he says. “I call them ‘true believers.’ Everybody believes in what they’re doing, and it’s ultimately for the best for all the folks involved.”

The hardest thing for every farmer trying to grow is finding the next piece of land he can plow.

 “We farm 11,500 acres, so I make a lot of touchpoints and I have a decent idea of what’s going on. But how many people have that? How many people get to talk to 75 different landowners, like I do, to figure out where the rent should be? You can look up the market price of a house, but when it comes to farmland, there was nothing before Tillable.”