Mike Parent Headshot

Mike Parent

Software Engineer

Mike joined the engineering department in May 2019. He works primarily on the back end of the Tillable product and in the world of DevOps, the crossover area that melds software development and information technology operations.

Mike earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering from the University of Michigan. Prior to joining Tillable, he developed video games, did a stint at Google, was involved in an Education startup and a high-frequency trading company, and then served as an engineering director at the online publication The Onion. With his varied experience—which he notes includes “zero” agriculture—Mike brings both a great deal of expertise and a fresh, real-world perspective to the Tillable team.

A lot of DevOps is something that the public doesn’t really notice unless it’s not working well. But I’m fine in that role as the quiet, behind-the-scenes guy. I tell my kids I’m like a plumber—hopefully no one ever knows what I’m doing and everything just works.

He also has been quick to learn the ropes at Tillable. “I’ve been so impressed as I’ve learned more about the ag community—and by how hardworking farmers are, how hands-on and can-do they are. And the more I learn, the happier I am to be serving them with this software.”

One thing has been a surprise, Mike says: how much effort, data, and brainpower are spent on farming. “I’ve been amazed by it.”