Paloma Lopes headshot

Paloma Lopes

Director of Finance & Operations

Paloma Lopes joined Tillable in January 2019. A native of Chicago’s northern suburbs, Paloma has an undergraduate degree in finance and is pursuing an MBA at the University of Chicago.

As Tillable has grown, so has Paloma’s involvement with the company. Building on her previous experience in Investment Banking and Online Education, she took on managing the operations and financial processes for Tillable, working primarily with CEO Corbett Kull.

I didn’t know much about the ag world when I interviewed for this position. But, I had a passion for environmental sustainability and was intrigued by the concept that when the people who own and care for the land thrive, farms thrive, too.

What drew Paloma to Tillable? “First and foremost, Corbett’s infectious passion for Tillable. In my first interview, when he told me that no one had yet made an online platform for ag, I thought, this doesn’t seem right. But after some research, I realized that Tillable was a great opportunity, and I needed to be a part of it.”

In her time with the company, Paloma has taken part in some notable milestones. “Obviously, the Series A funding was a huge deal for the company. That was really exciting—knowing that there are other people who believe in Tillable as much as the employees do.”

What’s the best part about being at Tillable? “Everyone who works here has that eagerness to put everything they have into everything they’re doing—the same infectious passion that Corbett has. And that makes it so you want to come in to work every day, you feel like you’re doing something that’s worthwhile. I’ve never experienced a company culture like this, and I love it.”

There are new milestones every single day. We’re just seeing the vision come to life.