Paul Giuntoli Headshot

Paul Giuntoli

Senior Inside Sales Executive

Paul Giuntoli came to Tillable in September 2018. As part of the Inside Sales Team, Paul is one of the people Landowners are likely to speak with when they call for information about the company and its services.

A Chicagoland native and Northern Illinois University graduate, Paul moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in screenwriting. Unfortunately this was just a few months before the Writers Guild of America went on strike in 2007. Exploring other options to get him through that dry spell, he began working in the hospitality industry.

“I actually got into the hotel business as the Front Office Manager at four-star, four-diamond luxury properties,” he says. “I’m convinced that if you can do customer service in that environment, you can do customer service anywhere.” 

After transitioning to hotel corporate sales for several years, Paul moved back to Chicago (“I have a very big Italian family and they guilt-tripped me until I came home,” he says). He spent a year helping to launch the Rosemont, Illinois-based Chicago Dogs minor league baseball team, and then he was ready for something different.

“I was drawn to Tillable because I love what we’re doing,” he says. “I see there’s a need in the market for this. I sympathize with farmland owners who often didn’t grow up on the farm or come from the agriculture industry. It didn’t seem like anyone was looking out for them. And that’s who we’re trying to help.”

What convinced Paul to sign on with Tillable? “There were a ton of reasons, but the main one was that I wanted to work alongside intelligent people who shared the same set of values.” 

Everyone here is genuinely a good person, and their motivations are in the right place. They’re sharp; they’re smart; and they want to help people.

What’s Paul’s favorite aspect of Tillable? “Without question, it’s the people—my colleagues,” Paul says.

What has Paul learned since coming to Tillable? “The biggest thing is the need for something like Tillable in the marketplace,” Paul says. “So many Landowners don’t know where to go to find more information about their farm, simply because there hasn’t been a place to go. Until now.”