Sachin Modak

Product Manager

Sachin Modak grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and earned his bachelor’s degree in economics at the University of Chicago. As a product manager, Sach helps provide the product development team with a detailed roadmap and manages the team’s efforts to further develop and improve the Tillable product.

Prior to coming to Tillable in May 2019, Sach worked at a technology consulting firm where he built mobile apps for clients in the agricultural industry. The opportunity to work in a smaller company while staying in agriculture is one of the things that drew him to Tillable.

“Previously, as a consultant, I served primarily in an advisory role to large corporations. At Tillable, I get a chance to take more ownership of what we’re building, and that has been very positive,” Sach says. He is already enjoying the success of seeing good progress in his efforts to streamline and organize Tillable’s internal product development processes.

Just thinking about all the nuances that go into renting out land was something that I had no idea about before coming to Tillable. It’s pretty amazing how large the farmland rental industry is, and how many different factors end up determining the rental price.

What has been the most surprising thing he has learned at Tillable? “I worked for a lot of agriculture clients before coming to Tillable, but we never really distinguished landowners from farmers,” Sach says. “In coming to Tillable, one of the things I learned is how much farmland is actually rented out to farmers by landowners, and not actually farmed by the landowners themselves. Thinking of them as two different types of people as opposed to being the same person has been a really big mindshift for me.”