Tillable Price Discovery

Use Tillable’s first-of-its-kind farmland rental marketplace to help you determine fair market rent, find the right farmer and track performance.

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(Farm must be at least 35 Tillable acres)

How Tillable’s Price Discovery works

This program is best-suited for landowners who are looking to gain the expertise of a new, professional farmer, and who will take an active role in selecting and negotiating with that farmer.

Get a checkup

A Tillable representative will help you understand and explore the rent potential of your farm through our free Farmland Checkup.

List Your Land

We’ll help you list your farm for Price Discovery on the Tillable website. Be prepared to share photos, farm-specific details and any other documentation or rental criteria you may have.

Receive Offers

We’ll help promote your land to farmers on the Tillable platform. Offers will be received by the deadline you set when you list your land. Farmers can’t see each other’s offers, so you’ll get an objective view of the market potential of your land.

Review & Negotiate

After the offer deadline has passed, you’ll be able to review all offers at once, and negotiate with the farmers who look the most promising to you based on experience, farming practices and other factors. You must review offers and communicate with farmers in a timely fashion.

Sign Lease & Set Up Payments

You and your chosen farmer will sign your lease and set up automatic payments through the Tillable platform.

Get Reports

You’ll receive personalized farm data reports from Tillable, giving you a clear view of your farm’s productivity and your farmer’s performance.

Get the full power of the Tillable platform

In addition to understanding the fair market rent for your farm and finding a suitable farmer, you’ll also receive these benefits of the Tillable digital platform:

Farm Data and Crop History

Create a record of land stewardship and crop activities, all in one place.

Digital Lease Management

Create, manage, sign and store your lease digitally on the Tillable platform for easy reference.

Automated Payment Platform

Ensure payments are on-time, accurate and managed seamlessly.

Performance Benchmarks

Track farm performance and land stewardship activities with digital reports.

Investing in Price Discovery

Tillable’s optional Price Discovery process is available to qualifying landowners. Pricing depends on whether or not the process results in an increase in your rent.

If your rent increases, Tillable collects 30% of the difference between your previous rent and the new rent per acre. (A simple example: if your previous rent was $100/acre and your new rent is $130/acre, you pay 30% of $30, or $9/acre.) If your rent does not increase, you pay nothing for price discovery.

Helping Farmland Thrive

Ready to step into the future of farmland rental? Tillable is the first true online marketplace for the U.S. farmland rental market. We’re here to make it easy for landowners to rent their farms with confidence, and encourage great farmers to expand operations.

Profitable and sustainable

Each year, American landowners lose an estimated $8 billion in undervalued farmland rentals. Tillable is out to change that.

And while we do make farmland rental more profitable and efficient, for us it really is all about making sure the land itself is thriving. Because when farms thrive through more careful attention and improved productivity, the people who own and care for the land thrive, too.

Cultivate knowledge

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Take care of your lease...and your land.

Your land is your greatest asset. As your partner, we take great pride in making sure you receive fair rent, and that your farm is protected for the future. Simply fill out the form to talk with us about how Price Discovery can help you achieve your goals for your farm.