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Sustainability With Tillable

At Tillable, we believe that when farmland thrives, the people who own and care for it thrive, too.

Sustainability is always in season

Tillable is unique because we are the only platform that is built around the land. We value the land, both as a financial asset and as a community asset. An asset that is worth taking care of. That is why we have built a platform that makes it easy to track and document how a farm is taken care of sustainably.

Regardless of what your individual, or organizational goals for sustainability are, attaining those goals starts with the same step: measurement.

How Tillable Measures Success & Soil Health

Tillable makes it easy to track and measure:

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How the soil is prepped for planting is just as important as what is planted.

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Planting events

From cover crops to rotation crop tracking, Tillable keeps a history of what has been planted and when.

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Chemical Applications

Measure herbicide, fungicide, pesticide applications.

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Fertilizer Applications

Tillable makes it easy to track and record nutrient and fertilizer applications.

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Ongoing maintenance

Keep a documented history of maintenance to buffer zones & filter strips, riparian zones, etc.

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Harvest events

Tillable allows landowners to easily access yield data and yearly yield history for their farms.

Helping Farmers and Landowners Share Success

Tillable’s platform provides the full tool set to both farmers and landowners to report and collect data around activities performed on the farm, as well as the evidence that an activity is complete.   Our tools make farmers part of the solution by making it easy for them to report everything they do to take care of your farm and improve sustainable outcomes.


Field Events Measured By Tillable To Date

Sample of Activity Tracking Tool for Lease Compliance

“Tillable cared about the story of our land and simplified things for us.”

“My wife and I bought our land in the 60s and farmed it for 40 years. A few years ago, we rented to a farmer who, it turned out, hadn’t been taking great care of the land. Tillable cared about the story of our land and simplified things for us so that we have guaranteed income.”
Doug T.
Wisconsin Landowner
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Let's Work Together

With our tools individuals can rest assured that their farm is well-taken care of and large institutions can achieve their ESG goals without adding headcount or increasing administrative overhead.

Call us and learn more about how the Tillable platform can help you execute and measure progress towards your goals. If you need help understanding what to implement and what to measure, we are happy to help you set goals as well.

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The Basics of Maintaining Your Farm Operation

Wondering how to improve your maintenance of your farming operation? Here are a few things you can do and a few resources to get you started.

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Calculate Cash Rent

Learn how to easily calculate cash rent for rented farmland with this step-by-step guide.

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Data Collection: Beyond Yield Data

We talk a lot about why yield data is important, but there are other measures you should be tracking and many that precision ag tools can help you make use