New Feature Releases: New Map Layer, Add Farm Sales To Account & New Sales Data Available

Three new updates are now available on Tillable and Tyler is back to show you in our How To Series below.

Add Farm Sale To Account

Need to keep track of a particular farm sale? Now you can copy it to certain tiers of accounts. Tyler explains where to find the feature and how to request for it in the video above. You can get started by creating an account or logging in to your current account here. 

New Map Layer: Transmission Lines

A newly added common map layer has been added that allows you to see the different classes of voltage within the area of your claimed farmland.

new Sales Data Added

On top of the farm sales data already offered on Tillable, we have expanded that to also show an additional 80,400 sales, totaling more than 4 million acres. Expect more sales in additional states being added each month. You can use our sold farms tool here

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