Thank you for registering your interest in a Tillable Sustainable Flex Lease.
A Tillable sustainability specialist will be in touch with you soon.

Below is an annotated copy of our sustainable flex lease for demonstration purposes. If you would like to discuss implementing this on your farm for the 2021 season, please contact us at sustainability@tillable.com,
or call us at (773) 798-0932.

Where you go from here:

Step 1: Contact a Tillable representative to help claim your farm on Tillable and build your lease

Step 2: Invite your farmer to create an account and sign the Sustainable Flex Lease

Step 3: Your farmer uses Tillable’s platform to report compliance activity. Tillable reminds your farmer to report activities throughout the year.

Step 4: Tillable provides you with an Annual Report summarizing the activities on the farm, including harvest information and compliance with sustainability practices. 

Step 5: Tillable calculates and disburses flex lease payments to landowner and grower, including any carbon credit payments.

There are certain provisions and terms in the lease that rely on use of the Tillable platform, and specific roles and responsibilities given to Tillable to carry out as an administrator.  Tillable has no power of enforcement and is not party to the lease, all negotiation and enforcement is the responsibilities of the Lessor and the Lessee.