Tillable’s Price Discovery Process

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When a farm needs a new farmer, choosing the right new farmer is the single most important decision a fiduciary makes. The decision is normally a 3-5 year decision if not longer and the right farmer positively impacts performance and the long term value of the asset. It’s a decision no fiduciary can afford to get wrong.

Tillable’s Price Discovery process is the only process that ensures that the farm is advertised publicly to all area farmers, provides a fair transparent application process, and provides an audit trail of how the farmer was chosen ensuring that no conflict of interest exists.

Tillable’s Price Discovery process is only made available to professional managers of farmland and investors. This is to ensure that the process is used as intended. If you are a small landowner and interested in Price Discovery please use our Hassle Free Price Discovery product.

Step 1:

Set up a Tillable account and invite other users or collaborators as needed. Tillable’s platform supports multiple users.

Step 2:

Create the farm using Tillable’s digital tool set and submit the farm for verification. A Tillable representative will reach out with a request for documents that substantiate that you have the authority to make rental decisions for the property.

Step 3:

Select an offer deadline by contacting Tillable. The farm must be listed for a minimum of 2 weeks. Once a deadline is set, the farm will be made public on Tillable’s website, emails will be sent to all farmers within 30 miles on Tillable’s platform, and public advertising will begin across a number of digital platforms using Tillable’s proprietary algorithms to identify farmers.

Step 4:

Review Offers on the farm, interview candidate growers, and check references.

Step 6

Sign your lease digitally and schedule electronic payments.

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